A reason... to live or to die.

Final thoughts

These really may be final if you've decided to end it all anyway. Like I said at the beginning, I can't make that choice for you. Only you can decide. That's one of benefits of life and the living -- being able to make conscious, free-will choices. But before making a choice, it's always best to understand as much as possible about that choice and its repercussions.

That's what I've tried to do here, help you understand that suicide is a temporary feeling of wanting to do something to stop all the pain, to stop the anguish, to stop the misery in your life. But these things -- pain, anguish, and misery -- they are all feelings. Relief from those feelings will come anyway, whether you choose to die or not. You don't really have a choice about that. You will feel better eventually, whether you want to or not. Because not even the kind of pain you're feeling right now is permanent (no matter how much it feels like it will never end). It will end.

So the real choice is whether to end it now, immediately, and never feel anything ever again. No relief from the pain. No possible joy in the future. No happiness. No additional pain. No love. No friendship. Nothing. Or to find a way, any way, to deal and cope with the pain for one more day. And then another. And then another. Until it starts, slowly, to subside. And you remember that life isn't just all pain. It does have friends. It does have family. It could have love again. And it might just be worth holding on to, to see what possibilities exist in your future.

Yes, end it now, and nobody will ever know. You will have made your choice, free will and all. Few will understand your choice (just like you feel like few understand you right now), but who cares? Few will respect your choice. I won't be amongst them. I both understand and respect your choice. And that's why I hope you'll make the choice to live.

Good luck with your decision. You are not alone, even now.

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