A reason... to live or to die.

Consider this...

In the time it takes you to read this, a few others in the world have already taken their lives. You're still alive, so you still have time to choose differently. Because suicide is very much a choice you have to make. It is not a choice that can be made for you. I am not here to talk you out of it. I am here to help you make a decision that you can live or die with in peace. It's going to take about 5 minutes of your life, a life that you can't see much point in continuing. But since you found your way here, another 5 minutes probably isn't going to hurt anything.

In my many years online, I have met dozens if not hundreds of people who find themselves thinking the exact same thoughts you're thinking -- I can't go on any longer. I just feel too overwhelmed by it all. Nobody loves me, and those who do are just saying it; they're probably lying. I've gone on feeling so bad for so long, I just don't feel like I can take it any more. I give up.

If you recognize yourself in some of those words, that's good. That means that despite all of the bad feelings you're feeling, you can identify some of those feelings that have been felt by others. Trust me, that won't make anything I have to say easier. But it does give us a small reason to hope.

You are still alive. You are still reading. You are still you. One more light in a world of darkness. There is hope. So please keep reading...

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PS - Just in case you were wondering, no, this site isn't going to sell you anything and I'm not going to try and induct you into a cult, organization, or to get help. There are no quick solutions at the end of your journey, whether on this site or in life. In fact, you may be disturbed what you read as you continue on, because this site is about bringing you to the truth of the matter. Truth can be disturbing. But you've come here seeking an answer, and I hope I can help you find one. Only you can decide what that answer will be.

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