A reason... to live or to die.

Increasing your coping resources

Enough about pain. You know all about pain, and it's still you that has to live with it right now.

Consider this... Another way of coping with pain is increasing the resources we use to cope with life. This can be anything. Chances are, you've given up on using coping resources to help you anymore, but I do want you to consider changing your mind about that. Friends or family can be great resources to turn to, even if they don't really understand what you're going through. They don't have to. They're not there to try and understand you all the time, but they can be there to hang out with and be reminded of why you are appreciated and loved by them.

But maybe you don't have any friends and you don't feel loved by anyone, especially not your family. Hey, I can understand that. Even if I knew (or thought that I knew) they loved me, it didn't matter. I never reached out for them before and I wasn't about to start now.

So there are other things you can do to help yourself. You can begin a new project, learn a new hobby or do something that is so totally out of character for you, others will wonder what has gotten into you. Guess what? If you're going to diei anyway, who cares? You can choose to die anytime, so why not have some fun before you go?? Live life one more time, one last chance. And maybe in that living, some small part of you will recognize that there is more to life than pain. There is more to life than what you're feeling right now.

You can do this. You don't have to, because like everything else in life, it is a choice. But it is a choice you can choose to make to give yourself another day, another week, perhaps another life. Here's how...

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