A reason... to live or to die.

The next step.

You are not to blame. You are not a bad person, nor a person who is weak. You are, in fact, a very strong person and I don't even know you. Why can I say that about you? Because you're here and you're reading this. Anybody who has gone through so much pain, torment and anguish to consider suicide is someone who is very strong because you are still alive. It takes strength to carry on, and in fact, maybe more strength than you've got right now. That's why you're here. That's why you've come to this site.

Consider this... Everyone considers suicide at some point in their lives. Everyone. Anybody who says they never have, not even for a fleeting moment, is lying. That makes what you're feeling right now completely normal. It's a part of life. I would even say that you've never really truly lived until you've confronted death in its face. Suicide is death. And you're doing that right now.

Death is a sweet end to a hard life. It is an interesting choice, and one the we only consider when life has finally just gotten too difficult. It's a dark time, and you're probably feeling pretty alone just now. I know I did. I felt like nobody else could understand. And even if they did, who cares? Life just didn't seem like it was worth it. After all, I felt like I had done enough with life, and well, I was tired of fighting the depression, the sadness and the loneliness.

But I'm still here. So I guess I found a reason to live, and after reading this, maybe you will too. If you don't, well, that's understandable. I don't know you and can't imagine the pain you're feeling right now. Sometimes we just give up. Sometimes could be now.

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